Unicorn lovers

This site is made for unicorn lovers around the globe. United we stand together against sadness and boredom of the normal world. This is our place. Here we share our toughts about our favorite creatures together. Be the best of you - BE A UNICORN!

Welcome to The Best Corner of the Internet for Discovering Unicorns! (clickable gif) Unicorns are fantastic, magical creatures that exist only in the minds of small children and dreamers. You have arrived at the no.1 source of information on these little-researched species. What are unicorns (introduction text) Where they can be found (here) How they should be approached.

Want to know more about the magical Unicorns? Here is some recommendations:

Movies The Last Unicorn (1982) Nico the Unicorn (1998) Charlie the Unicorn (2005)

Books The Last Unicorn, 1968, By Peter S. Beagle The Black Unicorn, 1987, Terry Brooks Into the Land of the Unicorns, 1994, Bruce Coville


Documentaries I've seen the Unicorn (2014) Drama, Documentary The story of a young fisherman and his dreams of becoming a jockey in Mauritius. Director: Vincent Toi Let the haters hate, let’s send love to these writers: