Max Salmi (27 yrs.)

Helsinki, Finland








Max Salmi
Front End Developer & Ad tech specialist


I have a big passion for software development, marketing, online advertising and UX. I have good social skills and I've been working in a big variety of fields as well as in demanding customer services. Innovative ideas and a strong learning-by-doing attitude are the main things that I'm known for. I can complete different kind of projects even with an intensive schedule.

Ads Appnexus Automotive Bootstrap CMS CSS3 Customer Service Drupal Git Headerbidding HTML5 Java JavaScript Jira Photography Photoshop Prebid.js React Redux Sales Scrum SEO Social Media UI/UX WordPress

Work Experience

Ad tech specialist / Software Developer / Schibsted Media Group
February 2017 - Present

I'm an software developer on the biggest online marketplace in Finland. As an ad tech specialist I do everything that has to do with advertising on My main responsibilities are: planning and developing new (and better performing) ad solutions, programmatic, data, UX, performance analysis, GDPR, Scrum master, troubleshooting, client/agency/sales meetings, documentation, integrations and keeping the banners running smoothly.

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Madisson Beauty
November 2015 - November 2017

Making Facebook, Instagram, Google and print adverts (with AI and PS) to company target market. Made company websites (with Drupal) and I'm also in charge of all company IT. Increased Google ranking (SEO) from page 7 to the first result with the most important keywords.

Car Sales Assistant

Audi Center Airport / VV-Auto
June 2011 - May 2016

High-class customer service. Promoting, selling and trading quality cars. In charge of photographing the cars (over 10.000 pictures taken) for adverts.

Software Developer Internship

January 2015 - June 2015

Developed and designed an internal web service (with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JS and jQuery). Made company websites (with Drupal). Video editing (with After Effects) for company commercial.

Boat Salesman

Astrum vene- ja autotalo
February 2013

Customer service, promotion and sales.

Car Promoter

December 2011
June 2012

Travelling around Finland with SEAT cars and promoting and selling their new models.

Construction Worker

KMA Company
May 2011 - August 2011

Summerjob at a construction site.

Office Assistant

SEAT Finland / VV-Auto Group
June 2010 - August 2010
June 2009 - August 2009
June 2008 - August 2008
June 2007 - August 2007

Worked every summer from ages 14 - 18 yrs. as an office assistant for SEAT. I worked with SEAT's bookkeeping, organizing and archiving papers and other IT stuff.

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  • - I have built and planned most of the advertisement solutions on Including banners, integraions, data and tracking.
  • Carousel banner - This product is built to fetch product data from customer feeds and the products are matched to the content of the page. Targeting and distribution is made with AppNexus. Developed with JS, PHP, Redis, HTML and CSS.
  • Desktop native & Mobile site native - This product is desinged and built according to IAB native standars. Made using Appnexus native creative and HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Banner - Banner ad with data that changes automatically every month, made with JS and mustache.js.


Involved in

  • Agoedu - Agoedu Ltd. provides education-twisted applications for phone and tablet.
  • Galaxy of Words - Educational mobile game by Agoedu (download app).
  • - We make many projects together with my brother Kim.

Other stuff


Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / Information technology
2013 - 2017

Gymnasiet Svenska normallyceum

Finnish Matriculation Examination
2008 - 2012

Knowledge & Skills







Awards / Schibsted 2019

Schibsted Sales Awards nomination 2019
I planned and built a new type of advertising solution to support Tori, Tori users and Tori advertisers. The product was nominated for "Performance of the year" and presented to the whole Schibsted.

Ultrahack 2017

#3 - Third place in Hack the Construction Industry Productivity
We made an app that digitally signs documents with the help of a QR-code reader and SignSpace.
The track was organized by SignSpace, KIRA-digi and Tilaajavastuu. More info about Ultrahack.

Slush 2016

#1 - First place in Qvik speed coding challenge
An algorithm based puzzle where you had to use JS-commands to solve a maze.

Ultrahack 2016

Top 3 - Open track
We developed further the fall detector (which won the Wellbeing Hackathon) and made an Alarm Center for the browser, phone and smartwatch.
More info about Ultrahack.

Bonus prize - Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
A bonus prize from PRH to help us get a patent for our fall detector.

#1 - First place in Qvik speed coding challenge
An algorithm based puzzle where you had to use JS-commands to solve a maze.

Wellbeing Hackathon 2016

#1 - First place
We made a Raspberry Pi + webcam solution that detects if an elderly person falls on the floor.
Check out the solution and more info about the Wellbeing Hackathon.

My family since 2014

#1 - Best Daddy in the World
Judges: Alex (5 yr.), Victoria (4 yr.) and Cecilia (0 yr.).


Jasse Marin

Product Manager, / Schibsted
+358 50 346 6675

Marko Leivo

Sales Manager, Audi Center Airport / VV-Auto
+358 50 529 3730

Jaakko Kuukka

CEO, Agoedu
+358 40 571 0881